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Spotlight Gymnastics conducts an ALL BOYS CLASSES on Friday at 6:45.  All other classes are co-ed.


Spotlight Staff Members Ziggy Scipio and Bilal Gidron attended a Gymnastics symposium on Sunday in New York City.  The day long symposium covered topics such as creative warm ups, teaching strategies, age appropriate curriculm development etc.  Tina Ferriola, the symposium director and New York State USA Gymnastics Chairperson, emailed Spotlight to compliment us on the particpation and enthusiasm of our staff.
Our Spotlight teacher, Antonio, used his knowledge from our First Aid and CPR course to save his son from choking.  One year old Vince was choking on a piece of candy.  Antonio acted quickly and calmly and  applied the techniques he learned to save his Vince.  We congratulate Antonio on his quick reaction so Vince could enjoy the Holidays with delight.

Nine members of our SPOTLIGHT GYMNASTICS STAFF renewed their FIRST AID and CPR Certifications on September 1st.  The course was presented at Spotlight Gymnastics by Frontline Health, the premier organization for First Aid and CPR training.

Spotlight Gymnastics’ staff member Emily Eliseo attended a National Educational Gymnastics Congress sponsored by USA Gymnastics.  The top clinicians from all around the country shared their expertise over 3 full days of lectures and seminars.  

Our Spotlight Staff took part in a Gymnastic Education Course sponsored by the national organization for gymnastics, USA Gymnastics.  The course included safety in the classroom, curriculum ideas and progressions, warm-ups, lesson planning, hands-on spotting practice, and drills and lead-ups for many different skills.  Eleven members of our Spotlight Staff  attended.

Sean Jones and Emily Eliseo also attended a Preschool Gymnastics Education course in Edison, NJ.  The instructors of the course took the time and effort to contact me to let me know what a great job our instructors did and to compliment them on their knowledge and enthusiastic participation.

Antonio Urena, Nadine Iliev, Sean Jones, Emily Eliseo, Rumen Iliev, Kathryn Martell, Kevin Cortez, and Val Smajlaj have recently renewed their Safety Education Certification through USA Gymnastics. 

Eleven members of our Spotlight Staff have completed the course, “Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports” sponsored by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  


Weather closing information will be posted on this web site, www.spotlightgym.com on our home page and this News page.  When possible, it will also be posted on www.news12.com.  A weather cancellation message will be available on the Spotlight office phone after 8am – 914 738 7305.

A make-up class may be scheduled for a Cancelled class.  There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

<< CLOSINGS DUE TO WEATHER >> Currently none!!!