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A Message from our Manager!

Welcome to our Virtual Lessons page!

We would like to welcome you to our Virtual Lessons page. Each week you will find videos posted by your favorite coaches that our students can enjoy from home. Tuesdays we will be uploading videos for ages 3-5, Wednesdays we will be uploading videos for ages 6-9 and Thursdays we will be uploading videos for ages 9+. Only the most recent video will be found on our website. You can visit our YouTube page for past videos by clicking the link below:

Link To Previous Exercise Workouts

Val Strength & Cardio Ages 6-9

Have fun on the beach with Head Coach Val and her nieces in a Virtual Lesson that is perfect for ages 6-9! We would love to see our students doing these Virtual Lessons at home! Tag us on Instagram @spotlight.gymnastics