Reopening Plan

Staff Protocols

  • All staff members will be screened upon arrival for their shift
  • Face masks will be worn by staff members throughout their entire shift
  • Staff members will follow all hand sanitizing procedures as children when entering the gym

Cleaning Procedures

  • Class times have been shortened slightly to allow for cleaning in between each class
  • The gym facility and hallway high touch and use areas will be cleaned thoroughly in between each class.
  • Cleaning logs will be utilized for each clean which takes place to ensure our environment is being sanitized properly.
  • One child is allowed in the bathroom at a time (escorted by a staff member).  The bathroom will be wiped down after each use.  Children must wear a face covering during bathroom use.

Student Arrival Procedures

  • We ask all parents to encourage their children to use the bathroom at home prior to coming to Spotlight to reduce the number of bathroom breaks needed during class time.
  • Beginning in Winter Session face masks are mandatory for all students both in communal areas as well as during class time.
  • All families enter through the backdoor off the main parking lot 7 minutes before the start of their class. Please note that the door will not be opened before the 7 minutes prior to the start of class to allow for proper cleaning and dismissal of students from the previous class.
  • Socially distant markers will lead you down the hallway to the check in desk
  • Each student and guardian will have their temperature taken at the check-in desk
  • Guardians must sign in at the desk with time of signature
  • Once a child is cleared to participate in class, the guardian can exit through the kitchen and out the same door they arrived through.
  • Only students and staff are allowed beyond the check-in desk
  • It is mandatory for the child to arrive with a bag large enough to hold their belongings including shoes and water bottles.
  • It is mandatory that a child arrives with a water bottle that is labeled with their name. The use of the public water fountain will not be available.
  • The child will be directed to changing room where they will place their belongings in their bag and hang their bag on a designated hook.
  • Once ready, the child will be escorted into class

Class Time Procedures

  • Before entering gym, all students will be instructed to use hand sanitizer as well as have the bottoms of their feet sprayed with a sanitizer
  • All students will remain on socially distant dots on the floor for attendance
  • Students will then be broken out into groups in which they will remain socially distant on all equipment
  • At this time our class observation room will be closed until it is safe to allow in person viewing again.

Important Class Changes

  • Due to restrictions prohibiting guardians in attendance during class times, we are unable to offer our Tumbling Tinies (9-22 month) class and our Caregiver Class (2 & 3 year olds)
  • Due to scheduling limitations, we are unable to offer our Boys Only class. All of our gymnastics and tumbling classes are co-ed classes
  • For preschool children (ages 3-5), our total students per group decreased and we will be operating at a 4 to 1 student to teacher ratio
  • For our after school classes (ages 5+) we have reduced our class sizes by 20%. We will maintain our 6 to 1 student to teacher ratio however we will be having one less group. This will allow for the 4 groups to spread out and properly keep their distance throughout all class times. We will also have a floating coach during these classes to ensure distance will be kept between students in all groups.

Dismissal Procedures

  • At the end of each class, each group will be led to the changing room to collect their bags
  • The child will bring their bag back to the socially distant markers on the floor where they will begin to get dressed leaving shoes for last once they are near the exit door
  • Guardians will pick-up from the gym door located off the one-way driveway which leads from Pelhamdale Avenue to our back-parking lot. There will be a sign indicating “Spotlight Exit Door”
  • This door will be opened by a staff member and students will be dismissed to guardians one at a time as the guardian states the child’s name they are there to pick-up
  • Parents and guardians are not permitted into the facility for pick-up